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UT3 4v4 TDM CUP is on the road! (sticky) written by Lw)f, 2014-04-03 19:19 CEST (0 comments)

Hello everyone,

I wont repeat to you another time the whole thing as it's been pretty much explained here: http://forums.epicgames.com/threads/984279-UT3-4v4-TDM-Cup-with-Prize-Money [forums.epicgames.com]! and also here : http://forums.epicgames.com/threads/984605-UT3-4v4-TDM-Cup [forums.epicgames.com]!-HOW-MONEY-will-be-SPLITTED-UP!-!?p=31811773#post31811773

The cup is made for you guys to have fun so i hope you will ;) ! You can contribute by donating some money or helping with banner / streaming , just pm me on irc in #ut3.tdm @Quakenet server.

So...Lets go!!!1!

Gabbies over Arcada in 2 v.close games! written by Lw)f, 2014-05-07 23:01 CEST (0 comments)

Today was Arcada Vs gab team.

It was 2 very very close games, it's such a big shame we could not stream those games, really.

First map was campground (gab's choice): http://imgur.com/N08vgYK [imgur.com]
Won by team Gab 117:112

Second map was Flustered (Arcada's choice): http://imgur.com/9ytXUz3 [imgur.com]
Extremely close match until the very last second! Won by team gab 120:119.

<@`1min|Lwlf> 18-17 at 16'30 remaining
<@`1min|Lwlf> gab team leading 63-58 at 10'00 mins remaining
<@`1min|Lwlf> 1 min later arcada now leading 68-64 !
<@`1min|Lwlf> 5'30 arcada leading 87-81
<@`1min|Lwlf> on flustered
<@`1min|Lwlf> 4'30 92-92
<@`1min|Lwlf> 3'40 95-95
<@`1min|Lwlf> 2'35 99-109 for gab team
<@`1min|Lwlf> 1'35 110-114 for gab
<@`1min|Lwlf> 1'10 114-114!
<@`1min|Lwlf> 0'30 117-115 for arcada
<@`1min|Lwlf> last second 120-119 for gab team!!

GGS, shame there was no stream =( ....

UT99ers over rAge Team! written by Lw)f, 2014-05-07 22:50 CEST (0 comments)

Ut99ers won over team rAge in 3 maps:

1st map->FLustered (rAge choice): http://imgur.com/y9tZlb2 [imgur.com]
Won by UT99ers 134:93

2nd map->Deck (ut99ers choice): http://imgur.com/li2pOax [imgur.com]
won by rAge team: 110:108

3rd map was the decider map->CampGrounds: http://imgur.com/DboLqRP [imgur.com]
Won by UT99ers 133:91

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