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1. Match rules:
  1. The winner team will be the one having the more map wins out of 3 (groupstage) and 5 for the final
  2. Spectators are not allowed unless they are stremaers and or both teams agree otherwise.
  3. Excessive use of chatbinds is not allowed.

2. Maplist:
  1. Deck-Pro2 (fps version can be played if both teams agree, otherwise one team can force the pro2 version)
  2. Heatray-FE
  3. Flustered-LE
  4. Campground U3 fix
  5. Faze-CE
  6. Defiance
  7. Codex-CE

3. Server settings:
  1. Gametype - 4v4 TDM
  2. Power Ups - On
  3. Superitems - On
  4. Allow Behind View - Off
  5. Allow Taunts - Off
  6. Force Respawn - On
  7. Players Must Be Ready - On
  8. Max Players - 8
  9. Max Spectators - for streamers /admins
  10. Game Speed - 1.00
  11. Air Control - 0.35
  12. Translocator - Off
  13. Weapons Stay - Off
  14. Goal Score - 0
  15. Time Limit - 20 minutes
  16. Spawn Protection Time - 0.00
  17. Mutator: UTcomp3v4b2
  18. Mutator: Nerforcer v2c
  19. Mutator: Freefov
  20. Mutator: SpectatorUI 2_4 or latest version going (cotact WGH or Lwlf)
  21. Mutator: SoundGroupFix_02012013 for download links and such, join irc at #ut3.tdm and pm me

4. Demos and Screenshots:
  1. All players must record demos from the whole match. Demos can be requested and must be kept until the result has been accepted.
  2. Screenshots of the scoreboards should always be taken by each clan or player and kept untill the matchresult has been confirmed. Only screenshots can be accepted as proof when there is a dispute about the score. Screenshots can be requested by supervisors at any time.

5. Cheating and Abuse:
  1. Any cheating or excessive abusive behaviour during a match will result in a forfeit loss.
  2. If both players cheated and/or were suspended from playing during the match, both players get a forfeit loss.
  3. It is not allowed to take advantage of or abuse bugs. Any kind of bug abuse is considered cheating and will lead to a forfeit loss.
  4. Players abusing the Cup system in any way in order to gain an advantage or just to be a nuisance will be deleted or suspended. Further punishment may include a permanent ban of the person responsible for the abuse, in extreme circumstances. Abusing any clear loopholes in the rules is forbidden, admins can punish clans/players for abuse not described in these rules.

6. Before the match:
  • To find your opponent before a match, you should look on their clan channel on IRC (if they are in a clan), #UTLeague / #UT3.tdm main channel or on our Facebook group [facebook.com]If you still haven't managed to get in touch with your opponent 10 minutes after the scheduled starting time you can contact one of the Admins
  • If a player refuses to start the match with the rules agreed upon in this topic, the other player can demand a forfeit win

7. During the match:
  1. Once a match has started, its result counts, unless both sides agree it shouldn't. Ping, lag issues or incorrect server settings are no excuse for leaving; you should have checked the server before you started playing.
  2. If one player walks away from the match, the score at that time can be considered to be the result of the match if the player that stayed was leading. If the leaving player was winning but the losing player could have still won the match, the admins can change it to the advantage of the player that stayed.

8. Match Conflicts:
  1. Conflicts will be solved by the admins
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