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xl vs Gabbies written by Lw)f, 2014-05-04 21:14 CEST (0 comments)

Today was the 'Motherfuckin Gore Time"!

Deck (xl choice):

Oh well, i dont know what happened...really. Our tactic sounded like a good plan but obliviously there were some sand in the gearbox ....
To my biggest surprise we could not hold the very thin lead we had for some minutes... xAz had apparently a very bad start =( and the team missed an awful lot of stupid items... We then switched positions with xaz and i went top with Aco, where i started to hit quite a good amount of snipes but it was clearly not enough and we could not fill up the gap. A part of me dies when i loose a deck game...gg )=

http://imgur.com/lU70NYp [imgur.com]

Defiance (gab's choice): Game was close for some minutes , we were controlling decently the rox area and denying the ultimate spammy pewpew thing :D . We lost it several times but were able to get it back more or less fast enough. Gabbies did a decent job on belt stealing quite some of them iirc. After a while the gap grew up and i think they lost it. Aco did apparently a GJ on snipe/amp and finished with a good k/d. GG

http://imgur.com/Et6c19U [imgur.com]

Decider map, Campground:
Well, it started pretty pretty bad as far as i can remember and we were following the same death path than on deck...
Sth was not working well on xaz position so we decided to switch 2 guys' positionsfor one and we filled up a 20 frags gap quite fastand got a decent enough lead afterward. Stacked now with some belt and getting my shiny purplish pewpew item finally with some hp, i could do berserk and do some frags a bit (after dieing quite a lot =( ). Our team hold it tight until the end not throwing frag away and we finally won it, even though it started as we would loose it again =(. GG

http://imgur.com/7Kv4Yki [imgur.com]

Wp gabbies.

THANKS a lot to Sibior that streamed the game for everyone to enjoy!
VODS: Gab-team vs XL-team http://www.twitch.tv/sibior/c/4189115 [twitch.tv]
Demos: http://www.sendspace.com/file/znxe2i [sendspace.com]
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