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Ut99ers Vs GToU written by Lw)f, 2014-04-24 23:38 CEST (0 comments)

It started with ut99ers' map: Codex.
Oh well them being 99ers, i think it sounded like a plan! They started so-so to finally being leaded by more or less 20 frags until more than half of the game. As i add to alt tab to help ppl on irc, i had the great surprise to switch back off to the game and notice in few minutes 99ers turned it all up and were leading by 10 frags :o ! They played it safe the last few minutes remaining to finally win the match, WP guys!

Sshot: http://imgur.com/R0jT3U0 [imgur.com]

2nd map was ofc GToU choice: Flustered.
99ers started well with a pretty early lead and kept it for few minutes while they were holding their key position. Unfortunately they didn't put enough energy into keepin those key positions until the end and even though they were still leading-tied after more than 15 minutes they start to miss out on belts and amp's. GToU gathered all their members at those shinning things and finally take a late lead and manage to keep it until the end Still pretty close especially for this typical ut3 maps than ut99ers didnt know much at all.gg wp!

No screen here =(

Decider map was diesel ( :x )
Scenario repeated again with a pretty early lead for ut99ers while they kept the good positions (i remember 13-0 in the first minute minute and a half or sth?) but unlike on FLustered where they could on it way longer they lost positions very fast and with hellfire holding mini area securing belt and not much ppl pushing from top in ut99ers but disc the gap increased kinda fast to end being irretrievable =( ... GToU locked it all up and won with a comfortable lead.gg.

map3: http://imgur.com/TxsX0Oj [imgur.com]

GG all and thanks a lot to ingametoasted to have streamed (the stream was set from ut3 installation to streamable (but pixelated ye, better than nothing though) in 20 minutes. We will work on the stream quality and i'm sure we will have it nice soon.
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