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ARcada vs Team rAge written by Lw)f, 2014-04-24 23:14 CEST (0 comments)

Lets hope for a small report from either of the team

2:0 for arcada!

Xindon Potm!

GToU Vs XL written by Lw)f, 2014-04-21 22:43 CEST (0 comments)

Today was GToU vs Xl

After deciding we would play on sas server (.nl), it was rather a bad choice for xl as 2 of us (xAz and Lw)f was pinging bad: 90ish and 104+ for 12 minutes of the 2nd map)

*We started around 21h00 with CampGround (xl choice):*

We were pretty uncertain on which map to play as it didnt matter much for any of us. We finally went for Campground.
We played it pretty "standard" (c)czm with not much fantasy on positioning.
The match went ok, we were just lacking weapons (ofc it's campground...) and also timingswent so-so for us...
Campground is Aco's playground and he mastered it in ut2k4, looks like he could transfer some of his skills onto ut3 (gj :p ) and did a nice dominating.
Other than that, it went, as i said, without much fantasy. GG.

Screenshot: http://imgur.com/35u9PoP [imgur.com]

> xl 1:0 GToU <

*Flustered GToU choice*

Aco did let his spot for xAz pinging 90 =( ... I had to reconnect on the first map 61561561515 times to ""make the routing switch""" (???) to 44-56 ping instead of 192-200+. Gaspar let his spot to bring a touch of feminism in this men's world in favour of Lady*D.
After those little team switches, we were ready to go. It was going pretty ok for us until my stupid connection decided to drop after 8 minutes playing.....Meanwhile Lexinho crashed too and as wlv didn't give me admin's rights...GG..
To cut off too much time wasted, we decided to restart with a 12 minutes match and loosing all our map control, oh well...not anyone else fault, so...
Thing is i didn't think about trying to reconnect several time again and i played with 104 ping for 12minutes, GREAT.
Nonetheless, i guess our teamplay was more important than our ping troubles and we managed to win the map.gg.

Screenshot 2nd part: http://imgur.com/Gv4P1Oi [imgur.com]

> xl 2:0 GToU <

WP team Gtou and gl in further matches.

GtoU vs Gabbies written by Lw)f, 2014-04-17 21:34 CEST (0 comments)

Hey everyone,

So the first matches was played today, as i was warned 10 minutes before the match start i was in a urge to find streamers...
Ofc it didnt miss, our 2 streamers or had to leave soon or was busy (well of course we could not really warn them before) not heir fault...Anyway WGH and me tried to arrange some streams but sadly mine was going laggy after some few minutes (dunno why) and wgh had trouble to set it to make it watchable. Both went to the limbs but we will try to do better next time (WARN US BEFORE U PLAY, AT LEAST ONE HOUR).Anyway lets go to some more joyful things: the match itself!

Assassin from team Gab wrote a small report like in the clanbase days so here we go:

"Defiance was pretty good, we were close in scoring the whole match, that was interesting. Besides average ping was equal and LadyD rocked in GtoU team. Some of us were suffering from lack of weapons the whole match ;) but we managed to win. gg"

"Before Flustered, my ut crashed and i could not manage to fire it up again.. So I just deleted all config files and played by default, that's why gtou waited us (thanks to them to have waited). At first, Vo3 just went for a good rampage, blowing everything ! I died a lot but we led anyway =D Then gtou took control of the map and took leadership, we didn't have control on any timing. Suddenly Sibior went bsod and gtou lost 1 frag coz of his relogging =D They still managed to keep their lead until the end. End of the match went without much trouble for the players, it was fun. gg gtou"

"Campgrounds was the best part for me. We also were close in scoring during the match. Gtou were walking in gang of 4 so they were able to defend each other, our tactic was split up and run in opposite corners of map when we had no weapons so they weren't able to kill us at once =D.
Then we pushed little harder at the end, controlled DD and belt and I made some damn good Killing sprees of teamkills on SetosYN, actually, I made Flakmaster on him =D . Imo, Vo3 is the best player of the match, I think. gg"

Thanks Assassin for his little report, lets hope for more ...SOON!
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